Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my catch up

January 2009

a lot has happened this month. Sadie has been potty trained and she does a great job. She is so good at talking. Her little voice always cracks me up. She can say a lot of words and she talks in complete sentences. She also can say actually, and she corrects me and michael when we are "wrong". if she gets hurt she needs kisses and loves. if anyone else gets hurt, she immediatly gives pats on the back and hugs. she can sing "i am a child of god" and 'itsy bitsy spider'. and it is the most cutest thing i think i have ever heard. she knows parts of the alphabet and she can count up to 10.

she has been switched from a crib to a big girl bed. she has a much harder time at night staying in her bed and falling asleep. she is up at 9 causing trouble and is the last one to fall asleep.

i am finally pregnant ( i think) and i am very nervous about having a miscarraige.
but i will hope for the best and be excited! i am tired a lot! and i HATE HATE HATE feeling sluggish:(
audrey has all of a sudden wanted to do the dishes. she asks "mom, can i do the dishes...please." i reply with a very happy YES! it is nice to have such a good helper.

reese continues to make me laugh. he is doing much better in primary and he does so great in preschool. he is so smart. he knows all the answers before anyone else. i hope he can keep up his smarts.