Tuesday, October 21, 2008

my ban

I have decided to permanently ban bubble gum in our house. If any dare enter my home, I will be checking purses and pockets for this abomination.

And while Reese is playing with his gum, Sadie is calmly reading the business section while she eats her lunch....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

my cannon camera

Ode to my powershot cannon-

Why do you hurt me with your disappointing functionality-
I have had to send you away to someone with a fixing speciality.
But, it doesn't seem to work-
You still behave like a jerk.
Your 'auto' setting is a joke;
Your many failures make me want to choke.
Your red eye removal has never done its job-
and you leave everyone looking like a demon blob.
Your flash calibrator, too many times, has broken its light;
leaving things too dark or things too bright.
Last but surely not least, your zoom and focus feature,
leaves everyone looking like a fuzzy creature.

Examples of my cameras incompetence below: I am so fed up with this camera....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

my reese's 4th b-day bash & other events

(reese's preschool friends)

Here are pictures of the many events that have taken place in our lives:
1. Reese's birthday spiderman party was awesome! He had such a fun time and I think all the kids did too. We had webs on the wall with bad guys and the kids got silly string that they tried to spray onto the bad guys; we did a web-walk; they decorated their own cupcakes and ate them.
2. The pre-school torch was passed to my friend, preschool, for me is over (for now). it wasn't hard, the group of kids is really great, but i am not going to lie, that i am glad my 3 weeks of teaching is done.
3. Audrey participated in a jog-a-thon for her school. She was really excited to do it and be involved. She loves her school and she loves all the activities that she gets to do. She ended up doing 12 laps...i think....

4. Finally, Audrey participated in a dance clinic and was able to perform at a southridge v. pasco football game. All these little girls were taught a dance by the southridge hip-hop team and they performed it at half-time. this was one of the cutest things i have ever seen. audrey did so great and she was unafraid. she had a little friend to do it with, so that helped, but they just ran out their and did their 'routine'. i loved watching her, it was night, there was a ton of football fans there, it just felt really fun! She was on the 50 yard line in the front row, with red pants on...unfortunately i only got these 2 photos before my camera batteries died! it was too cute for words!

This was me, jumping for joy, after all these events took place. i was so busy everyday for a while there, i felt a major sense of relief once thurs. was over...i guess, now onto the next activities...which are many....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

my triumphant return...

i'm back baby, with a vengeance!

michael was on a trip to visit his brother and he took the camera. so i have been camera-less for almost 2 weeks and husband-less for almost 2 weeks, and thus, feeling very uninspired. me and the kids have surely had many colorful moments, but it actually went pretty smoothly. there were a few days here and there (reese pooping on my friends floor) when i was ready for a break; and there were 2 deaths in the family&friends side that hit me pretty hard, but i think i am ready to bounce back. and i am definitely glad that i got my hubby back! i really missed him! he had a great time with his brother and cute family in texas. he traveled with his brother to mississippi, and georgia to do genealogy work.
but, i am pretty excited about my new hair and my new awesome 80's bangs. i love how thick they are, and how far back they go on my head. i really like this color on me too. that being said, my hair is officially dead.

here are a few upcoming events that i will be posting, but am excited about anyway,...
*reese's 4th birthday party (tomorrow)
*being done w/preschool
*audrey's half-time show at the football game (tomorrow)