Thursday, March 31, 2011

my first pig tails...

Trying to get a picture of this girl is near impossible. She is always on the move and if she sees anything electronic, she makes a be-line for it. But something that I didn't think possible either, was getting 2 little pig tales on this girls head. We did it. It was hard, and her head turned a shade of red from the strain, but we got them! (no thanks to a slight mullet:)

my sleepy heads...

This is what you get on your way to soccer, in the middle of the day, on a windy, cold day...two sleeping beauties...(who are undisturbed b/c they NEED a little mid-day rest)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

my first pet loss

Big Momma died today. She was Audrey's, the biggest, and a little scarier. It was a sad day. First, Michael discovered the death in the tank. Big Momma just sort of slid out of her shell...(gggeeewwww). Then he had a 'death' talk with all the kids. I was surprised that they were a little bit sad about it. Then we found a little box and put her in it. We had a little 'ceremony' for Big Momma in our back yard. Audrey even shed a tear. R.I.P. Big Momma...

Friday, March 4, 2011

my duel personality

Jane is my 4th baby and has always been such a sweet little thing. I have reveled in the fact that she has been such an "easy", pleasant baby. Easy to settle and easy to please...I love this picture of her; her sweet little hands and all her chubbiness. She has been sweet, and sugary, and everything nice...

Fast forward to 2011...Jane is still sweet and sugary and everything nice, but there is also now a new, very loud dynamic that I would use to describe her. The word pterodactyl comes to my mind when she is just gibbering. She makes some of the loudest squeals and shrieks I have ever heard. I have even been shocked at some of the loud, beastly sounds that come out of this little person. Since she has learned to walk, and now talk more, she makes her presence known. She can say momma, dadda, baby, arf, eese (for reese), me me me (for food), and some sort of gah gah (for all gone). Mostly tho, she is yelling and screaming like a pterodactyl. Sometimes I feel like I have been transported into Jurassic Park. She is so loud now. She wants to be sitting on top of me, she needs....I mostly enjoy her funny antics and new found pterodactyl spirit, but I do also miss the innocent chubbers.
Here, we have a common face in the Jane repertoire of pictures...the blank eyes, the open mouth...this is where all the madness starts...she gets going....

going....and then....gone. Her inner pterodactyl has been released.

But then, she goes back to being cute. She does look different than the other kids. She is all her own. But she is definitely learning to fend for herself in our little family. I love her.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

my twins

my bath baby

When I start the bath water, Jane comes running. She is so excited to get in the warm water, that she can't even wait for me to take her clothes off. If I start the bath, then leave to get towels etc, I return to a PJ-'d baby in the tub.

Here on another occasion she got in with her socks on...At least she likes to be clean:)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

my case of the butter teeth

Someone in my house took a big bite out of a cube of butter. I discovered these unmistakable teeth marks yesterday. I will get to the bottom of this; I think I have an idea of who it was. I am just wondering....why?? I like butter as much as the next girl, but my gag reflex kicks in when I think about taking a bite out of a stick of butter.

Friday, January 28, 2011

my first house pet

For some reason, Reese and Michael were interested in a pet, but not just any pet...a hermit crab. Reese is pretty much allergic to dogs, and after my diarrhea/vomit experience with Katie, I was not interested. But these crabs have been brought up a few times over the months, but one day Michael decided it was time. He came home with all the things a hermit crab could want, sand, food, a coconut shell house, special water, a contained environment, and 3 crabs. The kids were oh so excited. The 3 crabs were named. Audrey's-big momma (because she is the BIGGEST), Reese's-Hermie (because Reese is logical), & Sadie's-Alice (because Sadie is so sweet). There was much excitement in our home and then there was fear. Dad got their home all set up then took them out and set them on the table. The children were startled, then a little shocked to see up close that these crabs resembled spiders with shells. Big momma was the most feared, because she was the biggest. Michael quickly devised a plan, the kids could wear a glove and it would be ok. They were all alright with this idea and started holding them with the glove. (except for big momma) The crabs are more active at night, clicking and chirping. The kids have gotten used to these little crabs with their little claws, and are now able to hold them bare handed! (except for big momma)