Friday, February 27, 2009

my second hockey game

Michael got some free tickets to see the Tri-City Americans play. We took Reese & Audrey and dropped Sadie off at my mom's. The kids LOVED it. It was actually pretty fun to watch. The people got all wild and riled up and the game is pretty fast paced. We really liked it and the kids enjoyed going down the steps and watching thru the glass, they also enjoyed how NOISY it was. Fun!

my new couch

A dream of mine has finally come true....owning a beautiful, COMFORTABLE, large, couch. It is a 3 piece sectional and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it! There is a micro fiber couch, love seat, & chaise. The chaise is my favorite spot to sit. Oh, baby, I love it!

my preschool 2008-2009

Finally another stretch of teaching pre-school is over. I had quite the month...the beginnings of a pregnancy (nausea, TIRED), I had a full month of teaching sharing times on Sundays, & I had this lovely group of kids for 3 weeks of their class. It wasn't that bad, I was pretty busy, but it is over and I am not going to deny that I am slightly relieved. I was feeling burnt out on the last week, but we got through it and now I may pass the torch:) This group of kids is actually pretty great. There is (Sadie) Sariah, Natalie, Mikenna, Megan, Joel, & Reese. They are all pretty smart and pretty well behaved for a group of 3/4 year olds. Reese, is by far, in a different category as the rest of these kids. He know EVERYTHING, all the answers to what we talk about and /or learn. I needed to tell him to keep his mouth closed to let the other kids have a chance to get it. He amazes me w/his smarts.

Friday, February 20, 2009

my boob man

Michael wanted to tell the kids that we were having another baby and I agreed. So he sat them down and showed them the ultra sound picture and told them the news. One of Reese's first comments was to point to my chest and say..."you feed the baby with those. This side is milk and the other side is water."

my racoon

I found a literal trail of bread crumbs and followed it to a completely mangled bag of wheat bread. I thought some wild animal that was desperate for food and made its way into my pantry. But I continued to follow the crumbs and half eaten slices and discovered it was none other than my sweet 2 year old. She must have been hungry...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sadie 2009

Sadie has been a joy from the beginning. That being said, she has definatly hit her stride in independence. She changes outfits about 4 times a day (herself) and she doesnt exactly understand how to match things. I feel like her face is constantly dirty and that she is dressed like a clown. She can go to the bathroom all by herself and she doesn't want help with hardly ANYTHING anymore (even tho she needs it). She is so tender and loving to her babies. She takes care of them and loves to cover them up w/blankets. Sadie has started to be a little demanding. She has started to say the word "no" a lot. She has started to ....disobey me and michael. We didn't quite know how to handle this at first, b/c she has always been so amiable, but she is starting to fight for herself and yell and act like the older kids. ahhh, it was nice while it lasted.
she is so kind to anyone who is crying or hurt. she immediately goes over to give a hug or a kiss to someone. She sings I am a child of God & itsy bitsy spider really well.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

reese 2009

this guy cracks me up, not b/c he tells the funniest jokes, (but he does have some) but b/c
he is so hilareous with his emotions. he does such unexpected things that it is hard to pinpoint exactly what it is. he has very particular taste, and he wants things a particular way. he is over the top smart. he already is up to par with a lot of the kids in audrey's kindergarten class. why are they so smart???
he is getting a little bit shy. reese wants a best friend and thats it. luckily he has one in joel. he likes to be in charge. he always wants someone to play with. he cannot play by himself. he loves spiderman.
he wore this CTR ring literally all week. never too it off. he has extreme reactions to different situations. but he is learning to control his rage and outbursts. his angry faces crack me up and the things he gets upset over make me laugh. i try not to laugh when he gets upset, but sometimes i cant help it. the other day we were fighting over socks...he only wanted to wear skinny socks with his sneakers and he didnt have any in his drawer. so i picked 2 different colored skinny socks for him....he just looked at me with his brow furrowed and his chin down and said..."mom, what am i? a clown?" i couldnt stop laughing, it just struck my funny bone. reese is so full of love and hugs and kisses. i can always count on him to snuggle with and he always wants to be sitting on me.


Audrey is blossoming into quite a unique personality. She has been really into bum humor as of late, which michael and i both find very annoying. she continues to excel in school. it is shocking to me how smart she is. she is reading her beginner books and she is doing well in math. i love how bubbly she is and how she bounces back. she rarely feels sad or has a bad day. she still has boundless energy and is constantly moving, twitching, shaking, tapping....
she loves to do the dishes, which i love. she loves to play computer games and watch movies. she loves rock stars and anything to do with fashion. she writes pages and pages and pages of books where she creates her own characters and hundreds of outfits for them. she has a lot of friends and is kind to everyone. she is sunshine in a bottle.