Sunday, September 21, 2008

my speed demon trip to MT

My dad and I hurridly left friday at 9am to travel to bozeman MT (about an 8 hour drive) to watch my most athletic of sisters. she is an amazing athlete that runs cross country for weber state. if you are interested in a brief summary of my trip you can go here:

we turned around saturday at noon to head right back to good ol k-town...
it was a lot of driving for me in such a short amount of time...but it was so worth it and fun to be with my dad and sister!

Monday, September 15, 2008

my tear duct

For some reason my small family has gotten a fierce cold in our 90 degree weather this week. I am worried that we are vitamin deficient....
I am dreading the winter just for the reason of dealing with vomiting, runny noses and fevers...ohhhh, MAJOR UGHHH!!
This time, with this cold, I discovered I have a new and very disturbing talent. Every time I blow my nose, air is forced out my tear duct and it makes me feel so yucky inside. It is like a freak of nature and I feel like I have a genetic deformity. It doesn't really hurt, it is a little uncomfortable and it is just....weird. I am so congested, and blocked up with sinus pressure that the only release for my body is thru a tiny hole in my eye.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

my twins?

my husband as a child....
& reese at 3....

this was the first picture that i actually saw a little bit of my husband in reese.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my nose picker

We have found a few odd things in Sadie's nose this past week or so....she has really enjoyed shoving what she can in there...
her fingers...

grains of rice....
pieces of peach...

and last but not least, googly eyes...which were, by the way, were the hardest to remove.

Friday, September 5, 2008

my freak out moment of the day

my freak out moment today

so, for Audrey's school, the teacher has a calender that she sends home with each child everyday. the child gets a sticker on the day if they had good behavior and were respectful...if they are not, she writes a comment and tries to explain what the problem was. Audrey has come home with 2 'write-ups'. And then...the horror...she called me at home during school hours to inform me that Audrey was having some respect issues.
Can I be more devastated? Can I cry anymore about it? Can I be more embarrassed about it?
On one hand, I thought Audrey might struggle with a more strict schedule and more defined rules, but on the other hand, I am so upset that she has been a distraction in her class.
We have instated a reward/punishment plan for her.
I just have my fingers crossed and am trying not to overreact to her problems with following directions and not goofing off. I am hoping that once she realizes that school is not just an extended play date, that she will be able to go with the flow of her class more. She does love school and her teacher, and I want to keep it that way.
Audrey always has been very independent and free spirited. She is so loving and sweet and so smart, She is always kind to others and wants to be friends with everyone. She has so many great qualities, she just wants to do her own thing. But sometimes that just doesn't fly in kindergarten.
I cant help but feel like a bad mother, that all my kids are wild and unruly and out of control. What am I doing wrong? Any advice??

my spidey

We are SO into Spiderman right now!