Friday, January 28, 2011

my first house pet

For some reason, Reese and Michael were interested in a pet, but not just any pet...a hermit crab. Reese is pretty much allergic to dogs, and after my diarrhea/vomit experience with Katie, I was not interested. But these crabs have been brought up a few times over the months, but one day Michael decided it was time. He came home with all the things a hermit crab could want, sand, food, a coconut shell house, special water, a contained environment, and 3 crabs. The kids were oh so excited. The 3 crabs were named. Audrey's-big momma (because she is the BIGGEST), Reese's-Hermie (because Reese is logical), & Sadie's-Alice (because Sadie is so sweet). There was much excitement in our home and then there was fear. Dad got their home all set up then took them out and set them on the table. The children were startled, then a little shocked to see up close that these crabs resembled spiders with shells. Big momma was the most feared, because she was the biggest. Michael quickly devised a plan, the kids could wear a glove and it would be ok. They were all alright with this idea and started holding them with the glove. (except for big momma) The crabs are more active at night, clicking and chirping. The kids have gotten used to these little crabs with their little claws, and are now able to hold them bare handed! (except for big momma)