Sunday, July 22, 2007

my trip

Everyone have a great week, I am off to vacation in Happy Valley...(I do slightly wish that I was going back to Hawaii, but, perhaps, for now....Provo will do just fine)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

my replacement post

So, I basically just wanted to post something to replace the embarrassing photo I took of my baby playing with dangerous things. I feel a little guilty about that post. But I know that most kids get into anything and everything. So, here is the goings on for this last week...

Reese was so proud of the picture he did in nursery.

Sadie's little buddy, Ashlyn at the kiddie pool.

The kids playing on the our backyard.

Reese and Audrey made bead necklaces that they loved. Audrey made a cute little bracelet for Sadie.

There, so now the first thing you see when you open my blog is some family pictures, not a picture of a cute baby on the verge of choking.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

my mothering skills

I have to do some major baby-proofing in our new home. Sadie has become mobile and we are still unpacking and organizing. (I think this task will take quite a while). But the other day I happened upon my baby playing with a large plastic bag and a small rubber ball. Please, no one call social services. I was actually working on my bedroom and she was in there with me, and immediatly went for the most dangerous items that I had just thrown in the corner. Why are babies drawn to danger??

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

my "joker"

Reese has been a magician of sorts...i believed it to be a phenomenon. However, I discovered his secret. Reese has for some reason, started eating his sandwiches, toast, or anything eslse for that matter, from the middle out. (as demonstrated in the picture below)
I do not know why he starts with the middle, perhaps because it is more difficult (and he prefers things that way). But I started noticing that he almost constantly would have a "joker" smile on his face. Food, mud, and cover-up were stratigically placed around his mouth and on his cheeks.
All I can say is that we are "working" on it!

Monday, July 9, 2007

my summer so far...

We have been really busy with the move and getting unpacked in our new awesome house...sometimes I feel like it is never going to be done...but that's another story. So I have tried to completely ignore my computer(which has only been connected for less than a week) so I would not burn precious hours reading everyone's blogs. Because I have a tendency to become obsessed, I need to just leave the internet off. But, I can stay away no longer...

Amy and Riley came to K-town for the 4th and we had a super fun time with them and all the festivities. We went to the parade, had a BBQ with all the Blodgetts&Mickelsens and then did fireworks at my parent's house that night. It was such a great day and week.

At the parade...

Brad and Evan were the "pirotechnics" of our 4th celebration...

Reese is buried between Amy&Riley, afraid of the loud noise...

One of the highlights for me was swimming in Curtis's pool...this is so nostalgic for me. We have been going over there every summer for 25 years. The Curtis family is so wonderful!

Amy doing a "skater" kick off the diving board....

In the pool Reese is so unafraid, he was so funny and awesome to watch. He does not hesitate to jump off the diving board or slide down the slide. He is such a fish! On the other hand, Audrey was slightly afraid to do those things.

Sadie is such a doll!...

Amy and Evan racing...Riley is basically the only sports influence my kids have had thus far in their short lives...
We are going to miss the Cooks! I am desperatly trying to persuade them to move here to good ol' K-town! (c'mon, you know you want too!)