Sunday, November 30, 2008

my little tid bits

Sadie has gotten into the habit of going thru Audrey's 'personal' effects. She found some glitter glue and thought it was makeup and put it all over her mouth. She also made a cute little candy turkey in her class that she was so proud of and so excited to eat...
The weather has turned from cold to colder here. But I have to admit, that I love waking up to FOG. I feel like I am up on Cape Cod.
Reese got his cast off after 3 week. His hand was a little stinky, but not too bad. I was always so suprised how he RARELY complained about having a cast or the pain of the break. His skin was a little flakey so we called him snake man.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

happy 6th birthday audrey

Audrey is always so full of life and excitement. She always has a sunny disposition and is able to let most things bounce off of her. She is always trying to move forward in life and learn more. She is a really great organizer, but has trouble picking up her room. She has a kind heart and has boundless energy. I love her positive attitude and happy-go-lucky way of life!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

my smart kid

Audrey came home from school last Thurs. with a pile of of Thanksgiving day art projects she had made at school...which reminds me, she got her first report card and is doing wonderful. Michael and I had a parent/teacher conference and the teacher was so positive about how Audrey performed as a student. She said that Audrey was a hard worker and that she was constantly challenging herself to move forward and learn more. She said that in all her years teaching she had never had a kindergartner that wrote the word 'fashion' in her journal. hmmm...
Audrey is so smart, bright, and quick learner. Good job A!

Friday, November 21, 2008

my 3 november babies

Sadie so sweet...

Reese so loving....

Audrey so full of life...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

my 9 year wedding anniversary!

9, yes, 9 years ago Michael and I were married in the SLC temple. Our anniversary was quite comical. I had a slightly frazzled morning/afternoon, and was still trying to get it together by the time mike came home from work. When he walked thru the door he had his eyes covered and then immediately put on his sunglasses at 6pm. He was irritable b/c he had just come from an eye appt. and his pupils were as big as pennies. We were both a little snappy with each other, so, I started to ball and had a violent crying jag...just b/c I was worn out from the day. But as soon as I started crying, Michael immediately melted and dropped everything and wanted to help me. I love my husband b/c he always wants take care of me and help me. He is committed to or relationship and our family. After we both had our little meltdowns (mine was slightly more emotional and large than his)...all was well again. It was just funny to me. We dined on Azteca (one of my favorites here) and watched a movie and ate reese's peanut butter cups until kingdom come.
It was a memorable anniversary. And I am so thankful for our relationship and family:)

Monday, November 17, 2008

my first murder

Here we are as 30 something adults, playing dress up and loving it! We were invited to a 'Murder' party and we had a BLAST! Our murder took place in 1936. Michael was a lawyer/golfer named Alvin or 'Pro', to his friends. I was Miranda or 'Randy' to my friends and I was a questionable 'actress'. I loved my mink coat and my beaded skirt. And I thought my hubby looked so cute in his hat! Neither of us were the actual murderer, but we both were shady characters. It was a fun party w/yummy food. And I think I like to get dressed up every once in awhile!
Here I am, in my bathroom, trying to look glamorous. Doesn't quite work, right?!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my spaztacular 6's...

What a SPAZTACULAR party! Audrey had a friend birthday party today. I think it turned out really great, if I do say so myself...
She had 8 girlfriends able to come. They had a make-up area set up where they "applied" their own make up. Then they painted their own magic wands, we had a fairy dress up, relay race. They decorated their own star shaped cupcakes and they went on a 'treasure' hunt for their goodie bags. It was a little crazy, but I think it was great. Audrey received a lot of wonderful gifts and she loved all of them.

Here are some of the magic wand creations...

These 2 pictures cracked me up b/c both of these girls look SPAZTACULAR! To cute!
Below here are a few of the girls after their "make-overs", although, most looked a little too much like the joker from batman...They all LOVED the makeup! Every free minute, they would run back to the station and apply more, and more, and more and more and more and more......

Saturday, November 8, 2008

happy 4th birthday reese!

My Reese man...he is such a ball of emotion. He is so defiant and strong willed. Reese is my best snuggler. He always wants to kiss and hug and sit so close. He does not understand personal space. He is so quick to say sorry. He is forgiving and very loving. He is so smart and I am not just saying that b/c he is my son. He is. He is unafraid and adventurous (that is one of the reasons he broke his arm). He loves his sisters and his friends. He always wants to play with Joel. He says funny things like, "my suggestion is..." and "actually mom..." He will say "i love you mom," out of the blue and I can't be mad at him. He needs, and most of the time, I like to be needed. I love to hug him and kiss his soft cheeks. He likes spiderman and playing 'family' with his sister. I know I will be sad when he is 16. Can't we just have little kids forever?

Friday, November 7, 2008

happy 2nd birthday sadie

Sadie is sweet. Sadie is good. Sadie is starting to talk so well. I can usually understand her and what she wants. She loves babies and Audrey's polly pockets. She is such a comfort to me and I love to kiss her cheeks. She follows me around and is my shadow. She will eat dirt, but not bread. She likes meat and bananas. I don't want her to grow up. She is unafraid (like my others) but in a more cautious way. She gets so excited and squeals when anyone comes home and she always ready to give hugs and kisses if someone is crying or hurt. She is kind and sensitive and I almost want to eat her up.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

my first broken bone experience

Oh, so my poor little guy broke his arm last night. He was, of course, climbing and jumping, but just happened to land the wrong way on his arm. He was climbing on the play kitchen set (shown below) and he was attempting to do a back flip off the top. Well, he didn't stick the landing and ended up going to the urgent care. Luckily Michael was coming home and was able to take him while I stayed home with the girls. He had several x-rays and indeed has a buckle fracture. We went to the Dr.'s office today and he was fitted for a cast. He chose green (his fave color) and he has been so marvelous about the whole experience. He has only complained about pain when it happened and when he woke up. He has been so tough, calm, and responsible about his broken little arm. He broke it just above the wrist and it will heal just fine in about 3 weeks.
On another note, his birthday is the Saturday and he is very confused about it. I had a b-day party for him w/his preschool friends a couple of weeks ago, then, they sang 'happy birthday' to him in primary. His concept of calender hasn't quite sunk in yet. He tells me emphatically, everyday this week, that TODAY is his birthday, and I tell him no it is Saturday, and he argues with me about it like he is so sure. I got into a very embarrassing argument about it with him yesterday...
he said, "mom, today is my birthday!"
me "no, it is sat. Nov. 8"
him, "no, mom, it is today and you said we were going to grandma's."
me, "no Reese, Saturday."
him, "TODAY!"
me (yelling now) "NO REESE, SATURDAY!!!"
and this continued for about 2 more became comical to me b/c he has such a strong will. He will believe what he believes, even tho it is totally wrong and he refuses to believe his mother, is this a bad sign?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

my halloween 2008

Halloween was fun this year, of course. I do love it! We went to our ward carnival and then a trunk or treat. I was so happy to see other adults dressed up. Sometimes I feel silly, but I really like too. Audrey was Cleopatra, Reese was a mummy, Sadie was a black cat, and I was the bride of Frankenstein. Michael did not get dressed up, he wasnt feeling good, but he was suppose to be Frankenstein...i was so pleased that my wig/hat stayed on all night...we had lots of fun and lots of treats! i already weeded thru all 3 bags and pulled all the reese's peanut butter cups.... the weather was so great too!