Friday, September 25, 2009


Just remembered a fun memory of dad. Me and Amy went to go spy on Johnny...he was suppose to be at a party at someones house. We drove with dad in the convertible to a house, we thought was it, me and Amy got out and began to peer in the windows to see if we could see anything. it was a pretty tame party, and all we could see was "parent" type figures. so we went around to the back to see if we could see anything from the back windows....trespassing was not a problem...all of a sudden we hear the engine revving and the convertible lights flashing on us. the revving engine again, louder and louder. it was so loud and conspicuous, me and Amy finally got freaked out that we would be caught and ran up to the car and jumped in. we were freaking out at dad b/c he was so flippin loud. he was trying to revers the car out of the driveway, but he couldn't reverse/control it very well b/c their driveway was on a little bit of a slope. it was so loud and ridiculous i am surprised they did not call the police. it was so fun and funny. we just drove away, and it turned out that we did have the completely wrong house.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my biggest baby (yet)

my lovely hospital stay

Here we are...finally the day! My doctor scheduled me for an induction on Sept. 16 2009. He felt like the baby was big and due to previous large babies, decided to go ahead and try to have the baby a week early. I was dilated to almost a 4 and was 75% effaced. So my body was headed in that direction. They started me on pitocen and slowly upped the dosage. I got an epidural pretty early on just b/c the anaesthesiologist was available at the time. They eventually broke my water and abt. 9 hours later I was at the pushing stage. I pushed for only about 10 minutes and I had a wonderful 10 pound 2 oz. baby. Jane Roberta was a very smooth delivery considering her size. She came out looking wonderful and healthy and I am so thankful for that. She was born at 9:21 pm and was 21 inches long. She started nursing pretty well and was very content. What a sweetie!

so haggard!

pretty lips:)