Wednesday, July 30, 2008

my trip part 2


Holiday Inn, Hayden, Idaho

Our first stop was the Blodgett 'homestead' in Ritzville, Washington. Here is where Denny, Tom, and Julie were born. (Dad was born in HELENA, Montana)

We stopped at a nice park where the kids played and as we were ready to hit the road again, everyone huddled for a 'Blodgett' cheer...."HANDS IN..." Most everyone came except Devin and his wife and new baby (Wyatt), Brad, Dustin, Stephen (on missions). Even Lois and Van Vanfossen and Jim and Jan came over. We had about 65-70 family members attend.

Thurs. our first activity after arriving at the Holiday Inn was swimming at the Raptor Reef water park. It was really fun, and very kid friendly...Audrey LOVED riding down the slides, (so did I).

Thursday night we played games, bowled, and had fun together.

Friday we drove to the Courdelane Lake. Michael got in the water with some of the other dads and swam with Audrey, Reese and Sadie. It was really pretty and the water seemed clear. I lost Reese for about 10 minutes only to find him all the way down the dock, all by his lonesome, trying to climb into a paddle boat. (Chris Blodgett saved Reese for me that time.)

Jon and Kyle (jon does a lot of things that are embarrassing)

Lesley holding Natalie, me, Denae

Audrey, Mel, Riley, Jen, Amy, Jon, & Sadie

Jen and Amy taking some kids on paddle boats...

Jon and Audrey in a paddle boat

Friday we went to the Finucane park for the "Blodgett Olympics". I would say that the competitive levels were great! No fights broke out....The races are always fun to watch!

Michele, Holly, Amy, & Mel

Audrey and Reese did AWESOME in their races! They both were so fast!

Friday night we had an AWESOME talent show. Everyone did so great with their songs and plays. Then we played mafia and Settlers until 3am...

Saturday we swam a little more in the water park and then went home....We were sooooooooooooooo tired, but we had so much fun! I think the reunion went really well and I think everyone had a good time. It was really great to spend so much time with everyone. All the cousins, aunts and uncles and in-laws seemed to get along really well. We have a really wonderful family and we are so lucky to have such a closeness.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

my family vacation part 1

We have had a very busy month! As soon as we got back from california, my sister came to k-town with all her kiddies. We had a blast! We slept in our tent in the backyard, we watched lots of movies, played all day in the pool, pigged out on sweets, and just had so much fun! The kids seemed to get along really well. Joseph and Reese have the strongest personalities and clashed a few times, but they played hard the rest of the time.

(Joseph, Audrey, Sadie, Claire, Grace, Christian, & Reese)

Then Amy, Riley, and Jon came. We basically did the same things except we had Settlers of Catan marathons....It was so fun to be with everyone....
Then Ryan and Mel came and a lot of the cousins and we all caravaned to the reunion on Thurs. July 24th (which I planned) in Hayden, Idaho...

Friday, July 11, 2008

my cone

Do you ever feel so hot that a soft serve ice cream cone is a gift from heaven? Do you ever just want to devour it? Do you ever feel like you can't get it in your belly fast enough? Do you ever want to lick your fingers when you are through? I wish I had the guts to eat my ice cream cone this way...

Sadie does....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

my cali trip 2008

Our California trip was fun of course....some of my favorite moments of the trip....

*SWIM, SWIM, SWIM!!! Reese and Audrey learned how to swim and they both hold their breath and can swim underwater now! AWESOME!!!!
*Sharon and Larry are so thoughtful and great with the kids. And the kids just have a wonderful time with them and love them so much.

*Going to the beach!! The water was cold, but it is always so amazing to me to see the coast. I enjoyed burring Reese and Sadie (they sat still for like 10 minutes)...
Dad took Audrey and Reese out on the boogie board and the both "surfed" some waves. They loved it!

*The fourth of July was really fun. We went to a parade and the Huff's had a block party with bbq and a fun bounce slide. I know that I shouldn't laugh when Reese makes this 'Grinch' face, but it just cracks me up....

*We took all the kids to the Long Beach aquarium. It was fun and the kids got to pet sting rays and sharks....something we don't see much of here in k-town.

*I LOVED being outside in the sun and getting tan and swimming in the pool. My hair turned green on the last day of our trip from all the chlorine.

*Sadie slept on the plane ride there, but on the way home, she yelled the whole way.
*Sadie is fearless, she is a climber and adventurous. All 3 of my kids have been like that...weird.
We had a wonderful time! Thank you for all the sun and sand!

my garden

Before our trip...

After our trip...

I am thinking of selling our pumpkin crop this fall for seems to be taking over our backyard.

and here it the first crop of our garden...a huge head of romaine lettece...