Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fats Domino Imperial 45: BLUE MONDAY

I am obsessed with this song. I LOVE IT!

Friday, October 26, 2007

I wanted move the last post down. I dont want people to think I am a propagandist...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So, the JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES are officially after me. They tracked our old neighborhood at least once a month....I would be nice and listen to their scripture and take their pamphlet because I always feel bad for OUR missionaries and never want anyone to be rude to them. So, I am not rude to any missionaries that come to my door.

We moved into our new home at the end of June and we have had three visits from the JW's since then. I feel so annoyed every time I answer my door and see the 2 ladies standing there, but I just smile thru my clenched teeth b/c I know that my brothers,sister, and husband have served missions and have knocked on many a door....
I tried the "oh, I am very firm in my religion" bit, but they only asked what religion I was...of course, I replied "LDS".
So just today I got a repeat missionary visit...AGAIN. It was the same 2 ladies that have come to my house before. They REMEMBERED ME. They must have written down my name and everything I said b/c she said, "Oh, I talked to you a couple of weeks ago, Michele, RIGHT?"

I was like
she said, "well, last time we talked about raising children...blah blah blah. I am sure that you get helpful information from your are mormon, right?"

i said...uhhhhhhhhhh, yes....

she said..."how are your THREE children?"

i said "fine" with a total look of bewilderment on my are you doing?

she said, "well, here is another pamphlet that helps with child rearing with reference to the bible...blah blah blah."

I reiterated to the JW's AGAIN that I am very faithful to my religion and do not intend to leave my church and am not interested in any other religion.


After I finished telling her that, she SAID...that they would stop by in a couple of weeks to make sure things were going well.

I said, "Oh that is okay, no need"

THEY HAVE MARKED MY HOUSE. THEY WILL NOT BE DETERRED. I will never be safe again. I am officially on the JW target scope. They have zeroed in on me and are going to try to convert me.

What should I do? I don't want to be rude b/c they know I am LDS. And again, I feel sorry for missionaries...that is a hard job to do...but I feel they won't take no for an answer. But they are so ANNOYING!


BTW: We do not have a peep hole on our front door, perhaps that is the key. I just need to get one so I can see who is ringing my bell before I open the door.


my little pumpkins

We went to the Country Market for FHE and picked some pumpkins. It was so fun, we did a hay ride to the pumpkin patch, they had a few baby animals to pet. Reese was trying to grab the goats little horns or antlers or whatever they are. He was so into the horns....Sadie was a little afraid of the ponies. And of course, Audrey loved everything and couldn't get to each different activity fast enough. They had a hay tower and maze. It is fun to go to these things with little kids and just let them run wild.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

my makeup artist part II

I allowed Audrey and Reese to give me a "makeover". I have TONS of makeup that I never use and I picked out a few eye shadows, liners, and lipsticks for us to use. I was surprised they didn't completely cover my face with color. Audrey mostly was into the pink glitter lip can't tell, but there is about a pound of gloss on my lips. Reese was into my eyebrows and eye makeup. It was funny to watch them work.
Reese and I decided that boys don't wear makeup, and he didn't want any at first. But once he saw Audrey's red lips, he wanted a taste for himself.
Audrey, of course, wanted the whole nine yards including my play fake eyelashes. (I did not bring out the mascara). It was fun and it was a controlled activity. I prefer doing "makeovers" every once in awhile to them sneaking into my makeup and destroying everything and everyone that lies in thier path...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I want to memorize this dance and perform it at the next "talent show". Turk has the best moves!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

my sweet cousins

My sweet cousin and family came to k-town for a visit and it was so fun. I love her family and husband. I think that we have such a great extended family. I felt better after talking with her on some "issues" that I was dealing with. It was a great help to me to talk to her, she has such great insight and I appreciate her kindness! She has such cutie kids...we had some races in the backyard....I put this picture up b/c Reese is in the background pouting on the ground b/c he was not winning. Audrey did that a couple of times too. It was a little embarrassing, but such is life.

We had some good talks and stayed up late. It was so fun! I could feel tension in my life melting away....I haven't laughed so hard in quite a while. Only a few people can bring me to tears and Dave and Denae are in that group.

Macey and Reese are about 1 month apart and were so funny to watch interact. They were little buddies and they both just acted like little adults. It was so cute!
Thanks for coming! I love you guys tons!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

my makeup artist...

Audrey has been into makeup lately. She LOVED her cousin Lexi's lip gloss and wanted her to give her a makeover. One quiet afternoon, Audrey decided that Reese needed a makeover and got out my mascara....

Reese is a good sport.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

my big boy

Reese has needed some serious "hair-apy" . It grows in random places and I have never really been proud of any of the hair cuts I have given him. It is more like..."oooooh, ouch. That will grow out." So Michael took him to Great Clips to get a "professional" hair cut. He did really good, and he was so thrilled to get a lollipop at the end.